On this page you will find information about publications that I had a hand in creating. Over time, I hope to increase the number of items on this page considerably. Please note, that as I publish more things, the quality and depth of my work will improve.

As a note to any aspiring writer: Don’t expect to get rich writing. Don’t expect anyone to love what you have written, nor believe that what you have written is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Write for the love of writing and for the topic you want to write about, nothing more.

Ramblin’ On

This is the second work I was involved in creating. The author’s name is Mr. Lee. I met him during my time at Sci-Albion. He mentioned a desire to write a book, and I made an agreement with him that if he wrote a book, I would help him publish it. Good to his word, he wrote and I published. It is minimally edited, as I wasn’t sure on some sections how to improve the work. For the sake of authenticity, I left as much of the work intact. It can be bought on Amazon here.

Conceptualizing Wealth

Arguably my first officially published work. It was a short tome that I wrote the weekend as an experiment in how to write and publish a book as a means of learning. My aunt asked me before I wrote the book for help in publishing her own book. Never having written anything, I agreed and told her that we would write one each and that I’d learn how it’s done and help her publish hers.

Well this book, from start to finish, took a weekend. Naturally it probably shows in the quality and content but that wasn’t the point. The point was to learn about how to publish a book and I chose a topic that I could write about quickly and efficiently.

Regrettably I am still waiting for my aunt to hand me a manuscript. It can be purchased here.