Burning Collapse

I write this as the people around me panic and freak out. They’re worried about World War 3 happening as a result of Russia entering the Ukraine. The sad part is, many of these people are armchair warriors unwilling and unable to grasp picking up a rifle and fighting if push came to shove.

That is where we are now. Literally billions of uninformed people freaking out over a turf war between ‘the West’ and Russia over the last easily extractable resources in fairly accessible places. The west will fail at this because they’ve become complacent and are being exposed by Russia, the Afghanis, Syria, and esp. China, as largely powerless to stop the inevitable cycle of fiat economies.

The West, as in Western Civilization nations are collapsing from within. We produce next to nothing, our money is paper backed by nothing, and we have nearly exhausted our supplies of resources and energy on an overly complex system that lacks resiliency. We abhor nuclear power (despite its’ long term advantages and stability) and offer no viable industry to export to the rest of the modern world.

Now, understand me: there might be a ww3. Then again probably not. The western world doesn have the resources, nor the will to fight another protracted battle on the other side of the world to maintain another government we installed by clandestine activities. Russia and China know this and are testing the waters for the officialh handover of power. Our petrodollar isn’t worth squat because we have no supplies left, nor do we have the tenancy and grit left to continue to monopolize global supplies with weaponry or proxy wars.

We’re going to see prices rise as the dollar falls here in the good ole USA. Once the world sees the nakedness of our situation they will run for the exits and unceremoniously discard our fiat money, instead adopting a new system. We’ll be left holding the bag of newly reacquired toilet paper as we scramble to offer something that the world will accept to finance our laziness and decadence.

It will likely fail. So enjoy watching our civilization collapse into 3rd world status. It’ll be very difficult to see when it officially happens because we’re already starting to crack at the seams.

At the very least… start a garden, get to know your neighbors and light a fire because that might be the only way to cope!

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