Coming Soon…

I have decided to rebuild my blog after a very long period of disuse.

You see, I’ve been spending a large amount of time working, going to college and managing affairs at home that I simply haven’t had time to post anything or give this place a nice refresh.

Therefore I have opted to clean house!

Writing anything and everything is perfectly fine, so long as one sets tags, categories, and whatnot! The problem was that I never really had a reason to keep blogging once I stopped my work as a Paralegal. In a previous blog I had, many years ago, I specialized in Software reviews and the benefits/mysteries of getting old technology to work in the modern era. In other posts, I put up movies reviews, and still others were dedicated to very unusual functions of Paper Mache (watrproofing, building a boat, a lantern, a pet friendly staircase). Later on, I would blog about my travels and locales, commenting on the areas, issues and other humdrum things.

The problem with most bloggers and blogging in general isn’t writing or having themes and topics to write about, it’s that the blogger often writes themselves into a corner because of it! There are only so many ways or topics to write about upon most subjects before one gets burnt out and quits: nature walks will run out of places to review (or they get prohibitively expensive to reach), and other hobbies that started off enjoyable become a chore and a part time job.

The original purpose of this website was as a way for people to reach me online instead of using Social Media. You see, I used to have a very large social media presence. I used Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gab, Twitter, Parler, run a blog, etc.

I got tired of it. I grew tired of the negativity, my data being sold and redirected to companies trying to sell me things by pigeonholing me into categories (and thus filtering out other ideas, people and products I might be curous about). I didn’t like it at all and always felt worse when I used it. So in one massive shot, I told people that I was dumping it and proceeded to purge my online presence. After that I realized that it would be tough if a long lost friend or relative was looking for me, so I started this website as my official online presence.

But back to blogging and what I plan on having here. That I am still working out.

Perhaps I’ll use this as a simple online public diary of sorts. No theme, no set topics, no master plan. No burn out. Just random assortments of topics that I choose to post for no other reason than to post them for sharing. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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