A passing…

Today marks the passing of my father.

My father with me at my older sister’s wedding.  His last goal, was to be at the wedding, which he completed. #triumph of the will
My father at my sister’s house

I love and continue to love my dad. Jose Manuel Silva Preciado was a lover of peope, especially working class people and those suffering from simple troubles. He was a man of his times: an opponent of colonialism, western cultural influence and of Bullying.  My dad love all things Cuban, Chinese, Soviet, and N. Korean for its’ desire to help their own working classes without attempting to exploit their usefulness. 

He loved helping sick children, especially through those of Corazon a Corazon.  He voted for his party his entire life and never gave up his country, saying : ‘to give up your nation is like giving up your mother’.

I loved this man, despite our brows coming to head many times. Consider this the nature of two people sincerely wishing for the best for their families and friends. Many times I felt that he was neglected his familial responsibilities, but in my later years I realized this was a core of the Communist ideology, to serve the whole more than one’s own bloodline. 

My father, after all, was red through and through. He was the party incarnate in Colombia if the party of thr Soviet, of Cuba, of China, and of the world, wasn’t ready for the world that Marx and his esteemed progeny described.

I too, am a student of this philosophy, having grown up in a world of red and black. Listening to albums of socialism in college, talking to friends of the world to be rather than the world that is. I love my father for the friends I have made and the outlook I have been bestowed: a manifest destiny that defines my future and present. We both believed in the end result: a paradise. We disagreed; however, on execution.

Perhaps it’s because he suffered so much under capitalism while I prospered that caused the disconnect. In the end we both wanted the poor to be less poor, the rich to be less stingy, and everyone to be more egalitarian and less stupid. Our goal was the same: a better tomorrow.  Our methods differed.

Father,  although you are gone, your words and wisdom are deep in my heart, and shall live on in my deeds, words and actions. God speed my dear father. One day I will see you again,  hopefully when the world is a better place.

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