Christmas Eve

So here I am relaxing on a chilly Christmas Eve evening. No fire, no blanket to warm me. Nope. The only warmth comes from the friends and family that one would spend time with today.

Which brings up my situation:

My father took a fall a few days ago and is in the hospital.  He doesn’t know who he is when he sees himself in a picture or cellphone chat. He says the Virgin Mary talks to him and he has pneumonia.

My twin sister, her husband and my twin nieces have Covid. Despite the vaccines and boosters and all feel horrible and are under quarantine.

My other sister and her family had to get tested and await the results. My nephew is sick and wishes everyone was here. He doesn’t understand why everyone has to separate. The last time this happened it was just me and I had to avoid everyone.

The pets are doing well. I have yet to put a decoration up, nor do I plan to. But I am not against Christmas or the holidays. I’m really against forced consumerism.

With that said, today and tomorrow pour a glass of your favorite drink, be it eggnot, wine, beer, hard liquor or just plain ole water and take a moment to reflect on the real reason for the season: Jesus, (and well the adoption of popular pagan holidays that merged to become Christmas.

My glass of scotch for reflecting.

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