Wedding Daze

Not me. Lol. My sister.

Today she is getting married and it’s a formal affair: Catholic Church and a reception at a nice country club. I am happy for her because right now she is too stressed to think about things in a way to enjoy them.

And that is the problem of modern life. Traditionally the bride was simply given away by her family during the wedding.  The plans for the wedding itself were usually done in advance and all the bride had to focus on was, well, enjoying the ceremony, being a good wife and her future.

Today, increasingly young couples are paying for their own weddings, planning them, and running ragged trying to do what, in yesteryear, was done by a larger family. Not today.  Thanks to the plunging birth rate, the destruction of the family, bridal magazines and consumerism, brides are constantly under pressure to have a fantasy wedding that was originally meant for the highest of the higher nobility. 

It’s nice to fantasize and want those things and I applaud their desire to have the niceties, but it often drains the savings of a young couple, or puts them in debt, and delays the ability to purchase a home and start a family (the entire purpose of marriage, that and peace deals/mergers between families and kingdoms).

The result is that people become too focused on ‘the big day’s, ignoring the fact that it’s one of a large number of years together. Wouldn’t those days be better spent in fiscal solvency and stability? There is a reason why the first year anniversary is paper: you’re young and haven’t much wealth so spending too much is meant to be taboo.

For all the future husbands and wives planning their weddings I ask that you become humble and tone down the expenses. You’d be doing the poor a favor (who want to keep up and become poorer) and your wallet a help.

Sometimes the best memories cost you nothing at all.

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