The death blows of American Culture

So it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve been working nonstop, studying and having to put up with the perpetual problems of Covid-19 wrecking havoc on the world around me.

With that said, my favorite haunt of old has been horribly affected by the virus and the neighborhood changes as a result of demographics and overdosing of the local population. The result was that when I finally had time off to spend playing pool and seeing old haunts… they didn’t exist!

So I called the owner… apparently due to the virus low demand and the area changing they closed. They knew me as Clark Kent, famed for my Superman hair and demeanor, but it’s been awhile and almost good things and whatnot.

My new haunt is crowded as a result, out of town and filled with what tI could best describe as wannabe bikers and badasses. You know, the people I would happily put an ice pick in their eyes to end their calling misery.

God help this nation of weak beta males! It’s no wonder we’re dying off.

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