No Google, I will ignore your Map advice..

So this weekend I went to see my family at their house. Knowing that there was construction on the highway I decided to run Google Maps for the journey.

So I enter the destination and my location: the software immediately gives me b.s. suggestions to take a route that is 3x longer than necessary. All the advice Google gave me was a waste.

Mind you, no custom route suggestions were selected. It just was a crappy system giving me poor advice because it thought that the construction would cause my driving speed to slow to a crawl, which it had on two spots but for no more than 5 minutes total.

So I ignored the crappy suggestions and continued on my merry way.

Not everything was bad…

What was nice about the journey was that cars were driving slower than the normal 80+mph in a 55mph zone. Traffic for once was back to the 50mph version from the 1970’s. Driving at that speed in today’s weather was actually pleasant. Low humidity and 80 degrees with sunshine!

I had my windows down, music on, and was going slow enough to enjoy the scenery without constant aggressive drivers around me. Pity that as I looked to my left and right the other drivers had their windows up and were encased in their cocoons, oblivious to the world around them and that moment of sanity.

The I-95 roadwork is built originally with 55 mph speeds and lower in mind. When I drove on it at the reduced speeds the curves were now gentle, the gradients nicer and the whole experience was immensely more satisfying.

Seriously, it was a great day to not speed and be a dick on the road, to have your windows down, a/c off and shades on. Why in the Philadelphia area do we have so many shitwads that can’t take a minute to enjoy the ride before their destinations? Keep in mind I hate driving and even I did it.

Quit being stupid people, slow down and spend a moment actually to enjoy the present.

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