The simple pleasures in life.

As I sit here on a wonderful 3 day weekend I wonder about the little things in life that one can enjoy cheaply and simply.

For those of you not in the loop, this marks the 1 week time period since I signed the  contract on my house purchase. Sure the place is a mess, weeds overgrown, thousands of minor repairs and ‘pendehadas’ await me, but it’s mine (technically the bank’s), and I will enjoy it as I see fit.

Enjoying a glass of Moscato on this fine summer day.
A simple meal.
A nice fire on a summer evening.

Things look better when viewed from the lens of simplicity. Someone recently advised me to take stock of my life and what has been accomplished lo these many years since I returned from Erie.. so here we go…

1. Around the start of 2018 I returned from Erie to Philadelphia to be  closer to my family. I was trained as a Paralegal looking for work here. The job market frankly sucks in Philadelphia because there are more lawyers than people.

2. The job market sucked so badly here that I ended up taking a job as a cold calling salesman.  I have never gained more respect for the trade. It’s difficult, mindnumbing and an art in itself.  If you want a great look into it, I highly recommend ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. It’s sales and adrenalin in a nutshell.

3. I quit that job, finding it wasn’t for me. I landed a job doing warehouse work. It was exhausting and simple work. It paid ok and I stuck it out, working as much overtime as I could get.

4. That job paid me enough to finance a fairly new car. Another win.

5. The company gave me a promotion to forklift operator and I reenrolled at college, which my company paid for.

6. Covid-19 happened. The company laid off scores of workers. I was spared because of my skills, reliability and potential. They paid me for work even though we were staying home some weeks. The company even paid me a small stipend to help me with added expenses incurred due to the pandemic.

7. I got sick around Christmas time 2020. Covid-19 hit me. Hard. I was out about 3 weeks. Bored out of my mind. I kept in contact with my company and when I returned was offered a promotion to a supervisory role. Naturally I took it.

8. It’s now June 2021. I am a boss. I’ve got a newer car nearly paid off. I just settled on a house and by next year I will have my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Analytics. It’s been a crazy ride and the journey is beginning to go in places that I did not foresee only 3 years ago, let alone 10 years ago.

Take stock of your life.. celebrate the small victories and enjoy the simpler things in life.

Don’t worry…be happy

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