Calling out as an employee…

I consider this to be a public service announcement. So take this as it is and if you are guilty of this, change your behavior because it reflects poorly on you.

I speak of any employee in any industry. Do not have another person make the phone call for you if you are sick. Especially your mommy.

You’re grown adults and should comport yourself as such. Grow up and make the phone call, or email, or text message to call out. Don’t have your mommy do this for you. It makes you look weak, unprofessional, cowardly, a poor candidate for promotions or retention.

There is one caveat: obviously if you are sick and in a hospital or have an inability to call out because of your ailment, then it’s acceptable. If your arms, eyes, voice, etc. Any combination of body parts that can be used to call out in a safe way should be used to do just that. Last your voice? Text message or email. Unconscious in a hospital? Ok someone will obviously call for you and we understand as managers that there are exceptions to the rule.

But if you’re home, bodily fully functioning, conscious, your phone/computer works and you have your mommy call you out for a fever of about 1° above 98.6, then you look pathetic and unprofessional.

Just don’t do it. Put your grown up pants on and do it yourself. Be an adult, act like an adult.

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