Old movies and Wokesters

Hello dear readers.

I write this post to rant about the difficulty I had the other day trying to watch a movie that is about 40 years old.

That movie is the original Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not to be confused with that horrendous pile of trash remake they did recently. Nope, I am talking about the original movie and now a classic of the genre.

You see, it started two nights before, this movie and its’ sequel Conan the Destroyer were playing back to back on BBC America. I turned it on right at the end 10 minutes of the movie and then kept it on for the sequel. So yesterday night I figured I would turn it on and pull it up in cable. I have On Demand services and have done this with numerous other movies.

Except.. you aren’t allowed to watch the original movie on demand? When you go to watch it, it defaults to the new one without an option to watch the better one! No worries I say to myself. I’ll search it by name or actor and find it, it’s probably listed another way.

No luck. In fact, the PC piles of trash that spew hate all day even eliminated the ability to search for Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Verizon Fios system! You see.. his name (despite being in scores of movies and a top box office earner) doesn’t exist. Arnold Schwarzenpecker exists with no movie references. See what those infantile creatures do?!

Ok. So I say, I’ll check Netflix. I’ve watched it previously through them. Again, no luck. It doesn’t exist as an option. Those jerks deleted the option as well. What was once available is no longer available in my area, the United States, where the movie was financed and created for release to an American public.

Ok, so third time’s the charm right? Amazon Prime. I look it up. The crappy modern version is free to watch, the actually good one you have to pay to watch. Yet when I look at it online.. you actually aren’t allowed to watch it in my area?! Mind you it was on and in my area for free through BBC America not 48 hours previously!

The Good Conan.

These people are horrendous and need to be removed from positions of any authority or capability of deleting our entertainment or culture. Their only desire seems to be to ruin the lives of people who simply want to live their own way and not be harassed or bullied or hassled.

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