Meeting a neighbor..

Today, the Philadelphia area is experiencing a series of very hot days. When I say hot, I mean hot, like 90-100° F days. Perfect weather for doing some gardening and drying out the shadier parts of the city, thus killing some mosquitos and other critters.

As I planted flowers and moved some pots around, I some bricks that were laying about from an old barbecue grill in the back. I decided to move them and repurpose them. I figured it’d be better to use them to rebuild a walking path on the side of the house.

To my surprise I met a neighbor who has been helping me keep the yard bug free: a garden snake! This little slithery critter was camping out underneath the bricks staying cool and enjoying the weather.

Naturally I carefully put the brick cover over his little bedding spot and let him be. I like having him around and it’s not the first time that I found a garden snake in the yard. To me, they pay their rent by eating excess insects that might sting me, bite me, and kill my garden. He’s a welcome addition to my meager estate.

So this week, I recommend you do a little gardening of your own and let some wildlife come into your life!

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