Easter Zombies

I am a lover of all things Christian, but was never much of a fan of Easter until only a few years ago. You see, being raised a Catholic, I was never really encouraged to read much of my Bible, save for a few passages now and then. Most of my old Christian education was dogma and the citations were rarely, if ever, discussed or read.

So as an adult I made it my priority to read the Bible and to take courses in biblical theology/studies. During that time I had the change, nay the privilege, to read and understand my religion and its’ core text.

Which brings me to my new favorite Christian holiday: Easter. No more bunnies, no more colored eggs. Nope, Easter is my favorite because in the New Testament Gospel of Matthew near the end are a few versus that reference the return of the living dead.

Not brain eating living dead zombies, or at least they don’t reference that part. It’s unlikely that they’d be eating people at any rate because they are generally translated as holy people, and it should be standard that generally holy people don’t go around eating people! But there it is, the living dead coming out of their tombs and wandering around town after Jesus’ death.

So here we are, 2000+ years later, waiting for the dead to come back to life, but we must have missed it, because there it is, written down generations ago.

As seen in my internet search!

To all of you, Zombie or not..have a Happy Easter!

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