What’s up with Radio?

Ok so I’ll keep this fairly short.

I was driving awhile ago, listen to music as I normally do when I hear a click in the song and the playback speed of the songs increases to almost chipmunk like speed.

The songs were still full, no edits, but their speed increased and it became very uncomfortable to listen to. So I change the station, other channels have normal speed songs, but ever once in awhile I will find a channel that’s taking normal music and speeding them up. It’s really annoying.

Two songs that were sped up most recently were : Nirvana : Smells like Teen Spirit and Beyonce: Crazy in Love. The speed is almost the same as if you played them at 1.25x on YouTube. Creepy.

I’m guessing that the stations want to say they play the most songs or think the song is too slow for people today, and thus boring. It’s an awful idea and I’m noticing it more and more as time goes on. Music Butchery if you ask me. It sounds horrible and can’t be sung to unless you are cartoonish, it takes the feelings out of the music too, as pauses, breaks and stressed syllables are given less importance and get glossed over when speed increases.

Take the Winston Churchill speech: Never Give In. Play it at 1.5x speed and listen to it. Then play it at normal speed. Notice the difference and the feeling you get from each one. Yes the words are the same, but the message and emotion generated from each is vastly different.

That’s what they’re doing to our music.

And it sucks.

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