Working in 2021

I can’t believe that I have been in my new role for a little over 60 days. Just think: a little more than a year ago I was just starting out in this company. It was my first warehouse job and I was very inexperienced in the role. Today I am in a supervisory role, tracking and managing with my other counterparts 3 buildings and loads of associates over multiple shifts while trying to meet client demands and expectations.

It’s amazing how fast this happened and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to make my other skills pay off for our client and our company. It’s different from other supervisory roles that I’ve had and that takes some adjustment and new habits to he formed.

For instance: in one of my previous positions I had free reign to model my office, train my employees, acquire materials, forms, and develop best practices that would maximize the quality of our services to our user base. I used that to develop my own system of work, accountability and quality control. In my current position I inherit the corporate culture and our office practices. I am also not the only Supervisor (and they have a way of doing things ), and I have a Boss that must also manage competing demands for the office, time, and client needs. I don’t envy my boss’s position, as I imagine it’s loads more work and headaches and I am seeking for ways to reduce our issues and put out the usual ‘fires’ that happen in any managment role.

Thus it’s much harder to change things, upgrade items, or improve upon our office. And that I understand. I am the new guy, and it makes little sense to try to alter stuff if I haven’t mastered the current methods we have, nor have I seen as many potential issues yet or know enough about the position to foresee issues that can arise from implementing new procedures.

To put it mildly: I’m simply too new, too inexperienced and too excited and awed by our position to be of much use to our organization until I grow into the role. Once that happens, I can start recommending changes and proposals with the input of my team to determine if the new method would be easier and yield better results and more useful information.

In the meantime, I think if I have off this weekend, I will research some stuff to get a better handle on our roles, our company and our practices. I want to master our software and the position, slowly becoming indispensable to our operations .

But first…baby steps.

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