A long hiatus…

Well fellow readers, bloggers, and fans, things have been extremely busy these past several weeks. So I formally apologize to all of you for missing my goal ( and by missing I mean drastically missing) of a once weekly post.

You see, it’s a tough job to balance being a Supervisor, college work, pet care, home care, house searching, and family life (by which I mean seeing my relatives and family, as I am single and have no progeny yet.. but would welcome applicants to the posting of my wife/child bearer).

I have now about nine courses to my second Bachelor’s degree (the first being Biblical Studies, which is much more interesting than you’d expect) in Business Administration/Analytics. I’m a member of two collegiate honor societies, the ABA, the Mises Institute and well as a host of other things, so I’ve kept myself.

Ok, the correct term would be overextended. Since I am missing deadlines in something as mundane as posting to my own blog! The reality is that I’m not overextended, I’ve simply needed to reevaluate where my time is most valuable in the short term. I’ve written ideas for blog posts, which I’ve planned on posting (and backdating to fill the gap). That always ends up with subscribers not getting all my posts in a timely manner. Truly though, I write this blog for me and my enjoyment, not you (though I do enjoy your company). I treat this like a public record/diary of some of my thoughts and doings, and as a mean for anyone who may be interested in meeting me/contacting me to do so.

With that said, I do formally apologize to my readers for the lag in posts. As the cliche states: Tempus Fugit. I am not a spring chicken, nor even an old man anymore. I joke with my employees about how ancient I am (even to the point of hyperbole), which they don’t believe at all. But at times I do feel as old as I say I am. My life has an interesting story and my memories are sharp. Because of that, I feel that I will outlive all my friends and their children, only to have children when their grandchildren are born.

So I, and my family acquire an aspect of immortality, having know more generations of our friends families than they know in their lifetimes. We leapfrog through time. Our history and family setting the pattern of your lives and cultures. Most of my family doesn’t realize it, just those who have a keen eye for genealogy and history. We few notice the connections to world events that have our fingerprints on it and our ideals.

Sometimes we look with sadness at what you’ve made of the world we wanted you to have and build, othertimes you make us proud. In the end…we simply want the best for our flock.

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