I write this, having spent the last two days shoveling to keep my driveway and walkways cleared of the white fluffy stuff.

I am of course talking about the recent snowfall in the Philadelphia area.

It seemed like everytime I shoveled more just fell. Luckily I got it all up and was happy to do it before it compacted into the heavy slush of today. Taking it down inch by inch is a magnitude easier than lifting a foot of wet snow in one motion. Yes the weight is the same and calories exerted might be the same, but it’s the old notion of filling a river pebble by pebble or doing it at once with a bolder. It might take a little longer but your back and heart thank you for the cardio and lighter load.

In a twist of irony, I got everything down and was on my way to work when my boss called me to tell me to stay home. I found it a little frustrating (as I enjoy working and don’t like missing it). But life is life and sometimes I can’t control stuff. So I took those two days to catch up on stuff piling up at home. Not too unproductive.

For today though, I have work. I’m already there, in my car, waiting for my shift to start. Let’s hope it’s an easy day. :crosses fingers:

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