Flavored Water

I write this as a short angry rant.

I love drinking water. I love flavored waters as well. I have a tendency to drink my calories and gain weight, so I thought switching to non sugary drinks would help.

Mind you: Not Diet Drinks!

I really dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners. If I drink too much of it I start breaking out and have zits for days (I think it’s my body pushing this crap out of my sweat).

Notice the outbreak? It’s from fake sweeteners. I was drinking a vitamin water with flavor and didn’t notice that it had the crud in there. After 5 days of one bottle daily (20oz) poof… here I am. Grrr.

So now I go, seeking out a plain old flavored water with no sweetener, artificial or otherwise. I found a cheap seltzer water that fits the bill and I am giving it props. I won’t disclose the name of the company (even though I want to support the brand) mainly because I don’t want to go to the store tomorrow and find it sold out and I’m out of luck. Perhaps another day I will say who they are and promote them.

Just know my readers, that there does exist companies who supply products like that, and I am a happy customer!

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