New day, new position

So today will be a short post. I was promoted at work and today will be my first day in this new position.

Yesterday I had the enjoyment of my last day in my old job. Every change is a little bittersweet, there is excitement at the change and sadness at the end of an era. I loved working in my old job operating a forklift and I loved my coworkers and department. I had no idea that when I returned from my quarentine that this position was open, or that I’d be in this new role. It’s amazing what can change from week to week, year to year in one’s life.

So I bought everyone lunch and thanked them for their work with me and my time there. They were all happy for me and wished me luck in my new job. More responsibility, slightly more varied hours, but it’s better pay and permanent and more importantly, it’s a management role.

Yup, I’m a boss. It’s amazing what one can do with a little elbow grease, pride in working, and dedication to one’s job and work ethic can do in short time. Honesty, integrity and hard work are still virtues of a great employee, if you see them in your company staff raise them up and reward them. That creates a better and more professional business culture and shows your staff that you can grow and rise up in your company.

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