Two, three, four masks?

Ok, so I am noticing a wierd trend.

On major news sites and social media, the major medical groups are starting to advocate for the wearing of multiple masks in an effort to stop the Coronavirus.

Am I on drugs? Am I in bizzaro world? This , as somebody who likely caught the virus, seems like a bad opinion and dangerous to one’s health. Wearing a mask around sick people is ok. For most medical procedures including surgery, doctors wore one mask and santized themselves to minimize infection. They did something Similar to minimize getting infected by some contagious patients as well.

None, from a cursory glance online, and from speaking with doctors and nurses, ever had a policy of wearing two, let alone three or more facemasks.

What worries me about this idea is that, while it is true that more masks block virus particles, it also blocks all virus particles. This can’t be good for your immune system, which needs to interact with contagion on a regular basis just to produce the antibodies and get the exercise it needs to defend you and your body.

Now imagine that immune system not getting the information and training it needs to keep you alive. It starts to weaken, it forgets over time how to protect you against everyday viruses that used to be a sniffle. Suddenly when you have to interact with those germs, your body has little to no defense mechanism. You are now more likely to get sicker from less powerful germs, let alone the deadlier ones that sometimes get in without you even realizing it. Your likelihood of death increases. Sure, you might not get Covid-19, but you are at higher risk of dying from everything else that used to be a bad cold!

Well, that’s my 2 cents of thought.

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