I have to ask this because it seems like a dumb thing:

Why are people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 still wearing masks?

One idea is that they still have a chance at being a carrier of the virus, despite not getting infected by it (makes little sense if the virus is being fought and can’t replicate fast because the body is killing it off).

Another idea is that the vaccine, being less than 100% effective, leaves you with better protection, but not completely effective (in which case, why bother if you can’t take a damn mask off?).

It seems to me that a better way to sell a vaccine is to allow people who took it, to not wear a mask. This is the desired end result and would be a walking advertisement to people that there is a real, tangible and physical benefit to getting it.

I have no desire to get the vaccine. For all intents and purposes I am 99% certain that I caught Covid-19 and recovered. If that is true, then I am producing antibodies already and have no need to get a vaccine to produce antibodies. I also have comorbidities which increase the chances of an adverse reaction.

Finally, in much of the documentation that I have read from the sources of the vaccines, I can’t find any details on how the mRNA actually gets into the cells themselves or what cells would be infected with the mRNA to produce the spike protein. Is the mRNA strand encased in an empty virus shell that protects it while in the body until it can find a host cell to inject its’ intact program? Does that delivery mechanism target specific cells, which could have lasting effects on the body? Does the mRNA just float around the tissues, outside the cell walls until it happens to be absorbed by random cells and then can do it’s job?

We are told that the mRNA in some vaccines has to be stored at near absolute zero. What happens to the mRNA once it enters the 98.6 region? How does it breakdown? Can the mRNA that is degrading be read as a viable message and if so, what would it say or produce (ie. It might produce more spike proteins to viruses that don’t exist in nature, causing more cells to be attacked)?

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