First day back to work

Well after a ridiculously long quarentine I finally was able to return to work. I was officially finished on the 21st (my final quarentine day) and went right to work the next day! Man o man I missed work.

It was a little difficult getting back into the swing of things. I was extra cautious when driving the forklift and scanning inventory into the system. It’s been awhile and I didn’t want to have an accident or make an error in our receipts on my first day back.

Naturally everyone was excited to see me and wondered what happened to me since I left before New Year’s. So I spent a long time explaining my predicament and my recovery. I can say again that I really missed working. I even skipped my second break so I could keep working, having sat on my butt at home doing next to nothing for so long that I wasn’t eager to sit down again.

I am sure my productivity wasn’t as high as I normally did, but it was something and I was proud to have accomplished anything. People need jobs and to feel like they do something of value in society. Work is good for the soul and sense of self worth. I encourage everyone to work and do something with their lives. Don’t just sit at home sucking on the government teeth.

Work. It makes the man and the world better.

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