A lack of true leadership

I am not sure why or how my country and many others in similar circumstances display an astounding lack of true leadership.

What I mean by this isn’t necessarily a lack of total leadership. We have plenty of leaders, we have plenty of officials who play the part of a leader quite poorly. We even have people in power that demonstrably display the qualities of anti leadership.

True leadership is displayed by someone who is willing to speak frankly and truthfully about the circumstances facing people. They aren’t careerists a certainly aren’t afraid of suffering or telling their electorate about challenging times ahead. A true leader will make difficult decisions that are needed without taking polling data into consideration.

They know that there is an easy path of kicking the can down the road and delaying the pain from reform, but they choose to reform and embrace the pain and suffering needed. They know the changes that are being implemented are better for everyone than to keep down the same road. They are willing to be unpopular for making good choices. They act rationally and pragmatically. They are not swayed by emotion but can elicit emotions like confidence, trust, and admiration in their populace.

The leaders of my nation seem to lack this quality. They sell out their national interests for personal gain. They help their friends and cronies to the public coffers. The nation suffers because they are lied to and manipulated. They are emotionally stunted and brainwashed into a dull sleep, only to awake in a tantrum for the next election cycle (where the promises are made but not fulfilled).

Take the role of environmentalism. I love the environment and want to keep it beautiful, but I detest the green movement and the crooks using it to create more graft. Most of them hate nuclear power despite knowing it is one of the most green energy resources on the planet (they won’t even fund research that could lead to better nuclear options with zero radioactive emissions). They want solar and wind power but hate oil and mining. Did these morons forget we need plastic and rare earth minerals to create the plastics and solar power cells and batteries?

They want to create a carbon marketplace to rig and extort productive businesses. They don’t want to fund the creation of forest management programs (to reduce wildfires and create carbon neutral or negative business). They don’t want to fund solar water distillation projects to reduce the desert encroachment.

True leaders would accept a solid Money economics, they would fight defensive wars and protect national borders. They would enact policies that make their citizens freer and less burdened by tax. They would encourage free thought, families (the truest and smallest political unit) and saving.

We lost our leaders and true leadership by our own hands. We vote for the parody of leadership instead of meritocracy we need.

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