The dearth of independent people

I write this after careful review of the situation in my nation and around the world generally. It seems that there is a major problem with humanity. They are growing increasingly needy, wanting more government to solve their problems or perceived problems. Its appears that the idea of living without a nanny state, living without the need of the government to hold one’s hand is becoming passe.

I have been guilty of this as well, the desire for freebies. The chance at getting something for nothing, courtesy of Uncle Sam and the unwitting taxpayers forced to pay for my laziness. It’s similar to a drug addiction: you get a little taste of the drug (stimulus) and instantly crave more. Soon the freebies, once a gift you were grateful to get, become entitlements and when there is talk about eliminating your freebie you feel as if you’re about to be robbed of personal property.

This feeling has a similar behavior noticed among children: a child will inherently call the money they get as an allowance ‘their allowance’ when in reality it’s a handout that may or may not come with strings attached. When a parent, or friend of the parent talks about cutting or eliminating the handout the child feels robbed. The feeling is that something unfair just happened and that the allowance once begun, should never be ended (only increased).

So little by little these freebies take away a person’s ability to function as a grown adult. They become unable to make their own choices without taking into account the possibility of losing said freebies. They become enslaved to the state, needing more money and stuff. They cease to be independent people capable of hardships, of growth and suffering. The smallest injustice sets them off.

I see this all over the planet. More and more people choosing to become permanently hobbled by government handouts. They desire to become children again. They want to want for nothing, feel no pain, no anxiety, no stress or obligations. They don’t even want to have to make choices. They want to become infants. That is the problem of the siren call of socialism: it turns the majority into mental infants controlled by a few parents who gain infinite power and control.

It’s tempting to think that the government can and will solve all our problems. It’s also very dangerous to yourself and your community. Better to try and live a life free of government handouts and promises, replete with wins and losses, suffering and joy. The effect of your actions directly improves or destroys your life.

Nature is a hard teacher, but the best teacher. Live free from handouts and she will harden you into a sculpture of resilience, independence and strength. No longer will you wait for someone to do for you what you can do for yourself and your lot in life.

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