The boys are back in town..

As I sit here watching the inauguration and the guest list I cannot help but notice the sheer amount of swamp creatures in attendance and how hard it must have been to find anyone outside the D.C. cesspool to attend.

Evidence of this is Dan Quayle, essentially a political nobody that can best be remembered as a loser of important election from decades ago. That should tell you something a lot the incoming administration’s relevancy and popularity.

From the thousands of troops ostensibly there to protect the candidate who received more votes than even Barak Obama to the lack of room for all of his enthusiastic supporters/voters, this looks like a caricature of what should be a transition of power.

One can’t help but wonder why they didn’t have a big place inside the gates and fences for a few of Biden’s voters. I mean really, they couldn’t be a threat, could they? They voted for Biden. They’d be in favor of the inauguration and would probably help stop any attempt to sabotage it.

Nope, instead what you see is an event with one of the largest turnouts of people for a Joe Biden event. You can thank the thousands of U.S. troops for augmenting those numbers, even if they were only invited by the establishment to protect their own skin, they represent the future Praetorian Guard of our failing nation.

I do not presume to know what the future holds. I wish the new President well and hope that he becomes wiser in his position and figures a way to fix the mess of the last 70 odd years of bad government. It’s a tall order for anyone.

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