I bought a laptop…

So while I was quarantined and had little to do besides sitting in my room, I surfed the internet and fell in love with a laptop.

So I bought it, this little piece of nostalgia. It’s beautiful, it’s old, it’s powered by freaking 4 AA batteries! A truly amazing thing to have. A TRS-80 Model 100.

I have no idea if she’ll work properly, but I don’t care. It’s around 40 years old and came with the manual, which is amazing and provides much better documentation than any modern machine (it’s a sad fact that older hardware provided you with more in depth knowledge of what you bought and how to maximize your ability to use it, today almost nobody knows how their laptops work, they might as well be called magic boxes).

The keyboard is real. Its clunky and has that old reliable feel to it. Even the old caps lock and num lock keys stick when you select them (unlike the keyboards of today, which display a light indicator for these buttoms).

The screen is an old 40×8 line LCD.. I tried for weeks to see if these are even sold anywhere but it appears they don’t make them these days. It’s a low powered screen, black/white, thus allows the computer to run for hours on standard batteries.

The processor is an Intel 8085, no fan to cool it and one could learn to code directly to the machine instead of its’ native BASIC interpreter. It’s (to my knowledge) the last thing Bill Gates ever programmed.

So yes, I am a *happy camper*!

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