Final days left of Quarentine

Well, as the title suggests I am at the very tail end of my quarantine for Covid-19 symptoms. I can say it’s been annoying to say the least. I don’t like being sick, and (more importantly) I don’t like being unable to work! Seriously, the ability to be productive and feel like you’ve done something of value with your day is something I hold dear. That should be a point of focus for most people, the desire to do something with the little time they have. The lockdowns and idea of perpetual welfare and government handouts can’t replace that feeling.

With that being said, I can say that I am very disappointed with my postal service. I ordered stuff to occupy my mind several weeks ago and had them priority mail shipped. They still have not arrived! So much for speedy delivery, or trust in government run services. I’ll continue to await those items, probably for weeks.

Health update (the more important focus): almost all of my symptoms have abated. No muscle aches (aside from being inactive for too long) My head is stuff and I still have a lot of mucus and a light cough, but it’s a productive cough and I can purge out the snot. I am seldom dizzy or lightheaded and my chest doesn’t hurt nearly as bad when I move about. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be ready for my return to work at the end of the week

I don’t know if the virus did any permanent harm. I’ll figure that out as time progresses. I’ve read places that there can be debilitating lung damage (not good for an asthmatic like me) or heart issues. Finally there is the matter of blood clots and aneurysms which I’ve read are possibilities for those that recover and can result in death. All good news.

On another down note, I checked my weight today, and I am really, really, fat. Like my BMI states that I am clinically obese. Not good. Awful. I need to lose weight. I’m sure my doctors office visit next week will be a pleasant one, he’ll chew me out for eating too much of the too tasty foods. In all seriousness, I will be changing my diet and eating habits this year. Based on my calculations, I have to lose about 70 lbs to reach a BMI normal range. My goal: reach my old military body weight and proportion. Yeah, a lofty goal and difficult, but I would rather reach for a star than the top shelf of a cupboard.

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