Ever since I was a child I never liked the idea of eating some cold cereal bowl of reformulated wheat, corn, or rice. It never sat well with me. The same went with hot cereals like cream of wheat, grits, farina, or oatmeal. Lastly I was never a big fan of waffles, pancakes, toast, muffins, or biscuits.

To me, all of these foods are just side notes to the main item: meats, cheeses, and eggs. I prefer the deliciousness of sausage (bangers), scrapple, steak, bacon, eggs, cheddar, ham, and the like. Everything else was a delivery mechanism for these fantastic morsels.

Even fruit and light veggies are, to my eyes, a mere decoration and only serve to help one clean the flavor from their tongue between bites.

I mean really, think about it: toast, cream of wheat, bran flakes, it’s a mere choice between bread or wet bread. All three have dairy, which is the tasty part, the bread/wet bread is merely the delivery vehicle.

So my choice for today’s morning meal:

Not the most healthy option, but more delicious than most.

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