Operating System Size Question

I write this as a curiosity. I don’t know the answer to it and will save it as a blog post for the future, when I discover the solution or someone else does and I find it.

Many times I complain about the size of the latest Windows OS, wondering how much space they waste in their codes and how lazy they are that they couldn’t tighten up the software a bit to save space and CPU resources. It is naturally a trend in the computer industry that the OS gets bigger with each new design.

That got me thinking: Is the OS bigger in terms of another ratio? Take those old C64 ROMs, when running they take up a sizable portion of the total 64k of RAM. Is the C64 ROM bigger than Windows 10 in terms of the % of RAM it takes or smaller? In other words…was there progress in freeing up RAM as a total percentage over these decades?

Or consider the Max Hard Drive capacity of an OS. Could it be possible that Windows 98 actually takes up more of the max allowable space on a single disk compared to say, Windows 7 or a MacOS?

These questions need answering as it would provide useful data that we can use to make a calculation and comparison of the bloatedness of each OS when compared to others across each platform and over time. Mind you, we also have to make a decision to compare each OS pre or post service packs and updates.

I’d bet that on average most OSs follow a linear path and a similar proportion through the years and to each other.

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