Ode to my Beagle

Bella, you’re great company. My old gal always tries to sit by my side. So old yet full of vigor that she manages to climb two flights of stairs while being unable to hop up on a couch. You, my lovely pup, provide me with immense joy.

Many years ago I ran into thee, a mere pup in my backyard. A rope for a leash, nothing more. Yet there you were, so full of curiosity and love that you won me over a thousand fold. At first I thought you were a stray or someone’s lost dog that found it’s way into our fence. It turned out that my father brought you home as a family gift.

An odd puppy. No matter what I tried, I only managed to get you to bark once, never howl. I began to think you were born a mute…until you fell asleep.

Dreaming about things we’ll never know, a dog’s sleep is a wonderful spectacle. Growls, licks, paws moving about. A sniff of your nose and suddenly… woof! There it was, my dog’s voice. A cute woof and then more, with whimpers and howls and barks, all while soundly asleep. Oh how I wish I knew your other world, and to know what you dream about all this time. Perhaps you were talking to me, perhaps my attempts to get you to howl and bark worked all this time.

My sweet little furry garbage disposal, I always have to watch you when walking about lest you grab a morsel of rotted crud from the sidewalk. At home, you’re never satiated, your little pot belly a sign of the success of your adorable nature. A snack here, later the cat food disappears, then my lunch mysteriously vanishes… all the while my small thief sits there staring me in the face, hoping that I find it in my heart to reward her for her company and pleasant disposition.

Dearest Bella, as you will never know what I write here, having never been taught to read (let alone how to use the internet) all I can do to show you my love for your company is a good scratch, a pat on your head and above all…

Tell you that you’re a good girl!

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