Why fast food chains, why?!

This is a rant so be forewarned.

I don’t understand why several fast food chains insist on putting mayonnaise ( or sour cream )on their hamburgers (or tacos). Seriously. I know that some people like it, but it’s disgusting. I’m looking at you Wendy’s and Burger King.

You titans of industry, choosing to ruin a perfectly good burger by putting a splooze of mayo on it, ruining the taste of the meat and soaking my bun to oblivion (I add that ketchup, mustard and sour cream do the same thing also). You keep that crap at absolute zero, so when it’s applied it drains the heat right out of my food. You leave me with a tepid, pathetic meal. Bereft of flavor, and a mayo that separates or (worse) causes everything to slide, weep (lettuce) and a ruined texture that could have been salvaged.

And to you Taco Bell, why the heck do you put so much ice cold sour cream on my tacos?! Your tacos are always luke warm (at best, and cool when lettuce and tomatoes are included). Now you put a puddle of half frozen sour cream on my taco, turning it into a cold drippy mess of nasty. Why can’t you learn to put less of that crap on there?! I get tacos with more sour cream than anything else. I ordered a taco supreme, not a blintz, and not a sour cream surprise!

A note of realization here: I like sour cream. I like mayonnaise. I like ketchup and mustard. What I don’t want is a mountain of the stuff totally out of proportion to what I ordered.

Think of it like this: when I eat potato chips with a dip, I want to make sure that it’s in balance. I don’t want a mouthful of dip that turns my chip into a soggy crunchless wafer of paper like consistency. Your food should do the same. Either eliminate it completely, or do it right. I’ve been to several of your stores over the years at many locations hoping that I could find someplace to redeem your companies.

I found none. Not a single place did it right. And worse yet, when I make a custom order anywhere, your staff screws that up as well! Everytime!! Order a Whopper with Bacon and Cheese but no sauces on it… I get a hamburger (at the cost of a Whopper with Cheese and Bacon). Or I’ll get extra sauce. Same with Wendy’s, same with Taco Bell.

It’s not that difficult. There’s a reason why you lose business. Who wants to go to an eatery that has Burger in the name and can’t even do that right?! Why would I try a different product when the thing you are supposed to do best is God awful?!

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