Where’s my bribe?

Many people get upset when they discover that their favorite politicians are corrupt, compromised, or cruel. I don’t. I have enough wisdom to know that power generally attracts the most vile of humanity like flies to shit.

They cant afford help it, it’s just their nature, which is why you can’t trust anything a politician says. It doesn’t matter the party, the image, the era, or the nation.

Take the case of our recently elected president (I could make the joke that there are literally millions of people who dispute that claim). He was in Georgia, supporting the campaigns of two other Democrats.

He made a wonderful statement that was essentially a bribe to the American body politic: Do X, get Y. To be more precise, if they get the two bozos (and I say that with the warmest heart, all our leaders are bozos and buffons. You have to be one to clamor for the captaincy of a sinking ship) elected then the $2000 stimulus checks will go out immediately.

Well let’s study that:

1. Get two people elected, check.

2. Get $2000 checks….still waiting.

So I ask you dear readers, wtf happened? We’re still waiting for these immediate checks. Instead we’re forced to watch an impeachment proceeding that is only serving to divide the nation further. Meanwhile the sinking ship that is the U.S.A. continues to drift aimlessly amidst the waters of destruction.

So much for the first campaign promise. Maybe he forgot, many people said he was senile.

Or like so many times in life when people believe their officials they get fooled, only to believe the next time, and next time.

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