Covid Update

So I write this to share some good news.

Most of the worst symptoms are gone from my virus.

That’s not to say that the most dangerous symptoms are gone or that long lasting damage hasn’t occurred. I’m not a a medical practitioner and can’t rule those out. All I can tell you is that like 80% of my aches are gone. Most of my congestion can be blown out my nose. My body still hurts, my chest and neck feels pain. My head still feels like it’s in a vice grip. Everytime I go upstairs or for a short walk I get winded but my heart doesn’t race nearly as.bad as it did.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I still feel like a geriatric patient. I still need to heal. I have no idea if there is lasting damage. I am bored to tears being quarantined and I really miss working. Sure my job isn’t seen as particularly interesting or complex, but I took pride in a job well done and in going to work. I am old fashioned like that.

So here’s my plan until my quarentine is over:

I need to do something to help my lungs and prepare for the rigors of my job. I feel weak and have a limited time to get this under control. So I will try what I can do to stretch, move (at my own pace), and get my body filtering out the crap leftover from the contagion.

Outside of that, I just have to wait. Time heals all wounds.

Update: perhaps I spoke too soon. I just had a major coughing fit followed by the feeling of my head wanting to explode. Damn it. And on top of it.. it’s been awhile but I think I really cant taste stuff all that well… like it’s subdued.

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