So during the holidays I ordered a gift for my young nephew: a survival knife. You see, he’s getting to the age when boys want to do boy stuff like scouting, camping, exploring, etc. The best way I could think of to both keep him safe (in the event of being stranded in the middle of nowhere) was to start teaching him survival skills.

This past Christmas I ordered a nice survival knife off Amazon, which only just arrived. It took that long because of the USPS having a gigantic backlog of stuff to process (due to Covid-19 and the holidays).

So I ordered a second knife, which arrived around Christmas. I gave it to my nephew and he is very happy. He cant wait to learn how to use it and sharpen it. I can’t wait to teach him. A small rite of passage for a young boy who will soon be a young man.

The knife that arrived on time.
The original knife.

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