Covid-19 Updates

So it’s been a few days into my quarantine and I felt it was time for a quick update.

My symptoms are rapidly improving, thanks to lots of bedrest, fluids, herbals, vitamins, and meds. I still get very winded, have a cough, wierd dry spot in back of throat (where the soreness used to be). My body aches, but not nearly what it felt like previously. I still get short of breath at light activity (walking up stairs, picking something up). My body temperature is now pretty stable but my pulse ox tends to fluctuate.

On the plus side I am experiencing a change in my cough: chunking.

That’s how I describe it, I know that my lungs are healing and that this cough is becoming productive. I cough up those gross chunky clusters now and can expel them properly. I am guessing my system is winning and mopping up the mess.

Sadly there is still a large amount of days left in quarantine and the possibility of a flareup of symptoms exists. On some level I might be shedding viral particles and I don’t want others to get infected, so here I am for more days. I can’t blame the medical establishment for the rules, it’s just boring and this type of policy always reminds me of the middle ages and plague.

In the meantime, I have company. For several days my pets have harassed me to open my door and let them in. I have avoided this in order to eliminate a virus vector ( I keep my door closed, open my windows regularly, sanitize everything and wear a mask around family ).

Well one pet wasn’t going to put up with isolation: Darcy. This cat has fought everyone to stay in my room. He has done nothing but follow me around and stay by my side. When he wasn’t let in the first several days, all he did was cry at the door. Literally cry, for hours. He would scratch and pat the door and fall asleep outside it.

So we gave up. He’s now my covid cat. And oddly he’s happy. I’m the only one that can touch him and he doesn’t seem to care. I guess he’s worried about me and is trying to help me recover.

I am aware that cats can get Covid-19, and Darcy does always seem to have congestion. In the meantime, he seems like he’d take the risk, as I know that I have smelt sick for days despite my hygiene, and doesn’t care.

Contented cat in quarantine.

That’s it for now. Pets can surprise us in fascinating ways, right?

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