My ex-fiance had a dream about me..

I am not sure how to take it. We’re sorta friends but broke up years ago. She’s in a relationship and says she’s happy, so why on earth would she have a good dream about our time together?

On top of that, why would she talk about it with me? Whenever I had wierd or just plain old good dreams, I wake up and say to my self…

Well that was weird.. oh well…

And that’s it. If it’s about my ex, I wouldn’t bother telling her about it unless I had a motive. Sharing that info is usually not enough of a reason, unless it is something like remembering the name or song that we were taking about earlier. Yet she chooses to share with me nostalgia? Romantic nostalgia.

Wierd. Just plain wierd.

Especially when we have talked for years and she mentions she is happy.

So why remind me of a time when we were together and in a relationship? So wierd…

So as of this moment I’ll take Freud and say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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