A response to another blogger’s post…

Recently I came across a blog post speaking about the reasons why they wouldn’t use a laptop versus a desktop computer. I applaud them on their willingness to specify the reasons and Express their opinion (a good sign we’re still living in a somewhat free society on some issues). But many of the reasons are meritless or come with workarounds that eliminate the complaint or concern.

In short: here is my retort:

  1. Laptops are costly. With same money you can buy 2 desktop. This isn’t necessarily true. It all depends on what the specifications are for each machine.
  2. In desktop you can select its components. But on laptop you have to buy whatever they sells. This isn’t necessarily true either. Granted most early components are provided by the laptop manufacturer, but my RAM is 3rd party, my SD cards, any HD replacements, etc. Apple sells desktops and generally locks out 3rd party hardware unless specifically approved by Apple.
  3. Laptop components are costly. Desktop components are cheap. Again, not necessarily true. It all depends on the component.
  4. You can yourself do maintenance of desktop. I can and have done all my maintenance for my laptops, the methods aren’t that different.
  5. Lot of space in desktop, so can expend configuration. Laptops have expansion ports and docking stations, configuration is dependent upon the purpose you are using for the machines.
  6. Laptops have less life and more maintenance. I am using 7 year old desktop. one 10 year old too. Untrue. I have just given away two 15 year old laptops that I continuously used and modified. None of my desktops survived that long because of component failure.
  7. Laptops are extra luggage. where ever you go you have to take it with you. This is only true is you choose to take the laptop with you. That is not a requirement. You could leave it at home.
  8. Laptops need more protection. You cannot sleep well while traveling with it. Fear of theft. Untrue. The difference is one of weight and concealment. You can install a laptop lock on a desk, they’re cheap, or you are worried about theft, pack it in a bag and hide that bag. It’s much harder to steal something that’s hidden instead of a plainly visible desktop computer that is sitting in the open on your desk!
  9. Laptops have more embedded energy, so more environmental damage. Do you have any data to support this claim? Desktops have plenty of the same material and in greater quantities, plus they run more power.
  10. If laptop is getting overheated, its CPU slows down for cooling. This is not good for hardware. Since desktop there is good ventilation this is not an issue. Most computers slow down their CPU to save their lives in the event of overheating, this isn’t limited to laptops, it’s smart policy. If you want to run the CPU without this safety feature you can disable it at your own peril.
  11. Laptops are custom made by the computer companies. Everything is designed for that specific model including its driver softwares. This makes it difficult to configure Gnu Os distributions. But desktops are general purpose devices. So installing Gnu Os is easy there. Untrue. I can attest to using multiple versions of Linux software on laptops without issue. Most laptops and desktops are not custom in house operations, that is too costly and makes them incompatible with 3rd party software. What companies do is design a laptop with certain specifications and look for the components to put in that meet those requirements. Often this involves companies using components from dozens of manufacturers, the same happens with desktops.
  12. Laptops more ads increasing cost on us. I have no idea what that means. All costs for any product inevitably fall on the consumer or taxpayer (if subsidized)
  13. Laptops are products from single corporate, means more concentration. A lot of desktops parts are local and core electronics are from different corporates, means more distributed wealth and more power to user. This point makes no sense. Laptops and Desktops are made from the same company. If I choose the laptop over the desktop, that doesn’t imply more concentration.
  14. Laptops are for single person use mindset. desktops are shared device. This is plain silly. I assume that they haven’t ever had someone ask to borrow their computer to check email? Also, since all machines use Operating Systems like Linux, MacOs, or WindowsOs, setting up multiple login capabilities is software dependent, not hardware dependent.
  15. With laptops surveillance is easy, means all your communication comes from single machine. but in Multiple people will be using desktops. So your communication comes from multiple device making extra work for big brother. Let him pay some extra money to do that work. Again, if you worry about this, just let people use your machine under one login ID. But remember, you will still be liable for any illegality as you own the machine and control who uses it.
  16. Most people who owns laptops use it just for watching movies. so its a symbol of silly use. Silly use? Subjective opinion of how people choose to use their personal property is an invalid reason. So long as it’s legal, it’s their right to use it how they please, not yours.
  17. Laptops are a show of power and wealth. Its a vanity show. You may not have the behavior. But the public conscious is that. Again, this is an invalid point. You assume these things which is ridiculous. Right now companies are designing the sub $50 laptop based on a tablet and keyboard for the 3rd world market. Are poor kids in the developing world being vain by buying a cheap laptop? Many laptops are cheaper than desktops, which are preferred as gaming platforms.

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