Today’s Symptoms

Well the good news is that my symptoms have declined markedly. The bad news is that I still have symptoms and apparently am still sick.

Here’s a short list:

1. Temperature is within normal range

2. Pulse Ox is within normal range

3. I still have a sore throat, albeit not as painful

4. I still have a dry cough

5. I still have muscle aches and joint pain, but not nearly as painful

6. I am as of yet, unsure if I have chest pain, or eye burning, or other symptoms.

I still have to wait for the second Covid-19 test results. I still have to wait for symptoms to resolve to return to work. This sucks. It begs the question: if my second test comes back positive and I am asymptomatic (having gotten over the virus), why must I still quarantine?

Update 11:43AM

Ok, perhaps I spoke too soon? For the moment I am going to toss these up to normal variances in body temperature and oxygen (trying real hard to stay positive).

When woke up, 98.6. Now 1°F warmer? Will it continue rising??
When I woke up, this was 98-99, now 95-96? What the heck? Will continue monitoring.

For the moment I am going to assume the previous test was accurate and that I am just getting over a bad cold.

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