State of U.S. politics

Today I am amazed and a little disappointed with everyone in D.C. and most of my country as a whole.

I am disappointed with my elected representatives, who for years have been making backroom deals and selling out the welfare of the country for their own wellbeing. Had the nation maintained a limited federal republic for the last 100 years, backed by hard money and kept out of foreign affairs, the majority of our problems could have been resolved and many of our other current problems wouldn’t even exist.

I am disappointed in my nation’s court system, who, at the same time they purport to interpret the law, have grown it out of proportion to the original intent of our founders. At the same time they don’t apply the laws fairly, adequately and with true justice across all classes.

I am disappointed most of all, with my fellow citizens, who for years have voted away their rights, their incomes, their personal powers and choices in favor of a nanny state and cheap outsourced trinkets. Now they complain about not getting enough government freebies and at the same time, complain about too much taxes and government intrusion. You can’t have it both ways. Stop believing in the elected representatives and candidates that you keep choosing. Assume that anyone wanting power is a liar, a crook and thief, and if you give them any power or authority be ready to rescind it immediately.

I am disappointed with my nation’s religious and so called moral leadership, who for decades have pilfered their flocks, gave immoral sermons and encouraged their followers into falling away from a pragmatic, moral, temperate and spartan lifestyle. We have sacrificed our integrity and morals for criminality and vice. Our religous leadership is to blame, and on some level, the flocks for continuing to follow them.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a horrid amount of stupid people in my nation, and it seems like they keep getting dumber. No one seems desirous of finding common ground or exercising a form of non-extreme ideology, instead focusing on pragmatism and realism that we desperately need. Perhaps we don’t deserve it, as we have given up almost everything we originally stood for and cherished.

I don’t care what your party is, I don’t care what your age, sex, sexual preference, color, height, weight, or whatever is. What I do care about is the following:

1. Are you willing to let others live peacefully with you even if you disagree with their beliefs, so long as they do the same?

2. Are you ok with making the government smaller, and lowering your taxes, and just solving the problems you wanted solved in your life on your own?

3. Are you ok with the idea that the value of the money you make should keep it’s value and that the government and banks should not have the ability to print money?

4. Are you ok with the idea that the military shouldn’t be deployed overseas except in an act of war? That no permanent U.S. military bases should exist outside of U.S. soil?

5. Are you ok with having strong defamation and libel laws?

That’s the gist of what I want the majority of Americans to desire, and anything else should be a private matter among individuals or their local communities and states.

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