Something different…

I wake up today, still coughing, still with a sore throat, and ready to ask my doctor for a second Covid-19 test. I need to be sure that I don’t have it. I don’t think have it at this point, but I know getting a second test and showing it negative will calm the fears of my family and coworkers. Chances are high that all I have now is some type of seasonal virus/cold.

On a different note, I have noticed how much my pets have gotten upset in not seeing me as much and in the same way they are accustomed. In my self quarantine  in my room, I frequently hear my cat Darcy meowing like mad (he normally naps in my bed with me and cuddles me while I read). He has meowed for hours outside my room, ignoring the calls of my family to distract him and have him sleep with them or use the couch, or another room to chill.

Darcy. Taken prior to the illness. No pets are in danger of getting sick.

My dog Bella has stood and followed me everytime I walked out of my room. She just stared up at me and pawed me incessantly, looking for a reassuring pat on the head, a hug, playtime.


Ginger, my other dog, hates the facemask. She managed one time to jump up next to me and tried to nudge her nose behind the mask to reach my face. She tried to pull it off! I can’t express how upset she is at this whole ordeal (given how small she is as a minpin with the brain the size of a walnut astounds me).


Midnight, our other pet who has been here the longest of the four (and the only one who wasn’t brought in, he came by himself and decided to adopt us one fine wintry day). He is generally a loner but peaceful. Not a playful cat by his nature, these days he has been especially vocal at me and followed me around everytime I headed to the shower (had rarely does this unless I am at the kitchen). He even tried to grab my hands to home them while starting to purr and rub them, a rarity for this cat. I am guessing he noticed something in the daily pattern of life changed and is concerned.


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