Another Covid Test

So, as most of the original symptoms are still present in my life. I talked to my family and then my doctor’s office. I described what has been going on and they referred me to a local hospital for another Covid-19 test immediately.

So I go, it’s a drive through test. Unlike the first test, this one went deep into my sinus. Very unusual feeling. Not painful…but very unusual. The results might be available soon, but likelier 2-4 days before my doctor gets anything back.

I texted my boss and my supervisor and filled them in on the situation. I’d prefer to be working, but so far everyone would rather I play it safe if I am still feeling unwell/have symptoms. No one wants to get sick. The problem is that I feel ridiculously unproductive and hate missing work. I generally don’t take sick days or time off.

So I am back to waiting. Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow morning I will get the results. In the meantime…back to quarantine.

Waiting for the test.
My spot…lol

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