The next day…

So this page will be chock full of data that I collect from whatever these symptoms indicate, the last things I ate before going to sleep are: chicken noodle soup, Gatorade, tonic water with quinine, ibuprofen 400mg.


Temperature upon waking, whilst covered in blankets, I don’t feel cold though.

While in bed: dry & wet cough, buzzing in ears, foggy head, sore throat, burning eyes, neck pain (could be from the way I slept). Mild nasal congestion, froggy voice. Muscle soreness in legs when standing, shoulders.


Status: Ate – Bacon sandwich (6 slices, two pieces of white toast), drank – Two cups of coffee (coffee mug, one with 2 tsp white sugar & 2% milk, the other only milk).

Medicines taken were part of daily routine, no multivitamin, no antivirals/ covid herbals. Test is to see if symptoms resume as day progresses (yesterday symptoms decreased within 2 hours of taking regimen).

Hot shower taken.

Current body temperature, dry cough getting stronger, body feels warmer, same symptoms from earlier, minus head fog, minus burning eyes. No chills as of today.


Feeling a little better. Same sore throat, dry cough, burning eyes and muscle soreness. This is probably current temp since previous temperature was after warmup in shower and movement.


Had a cup of black tea with milk and sugar (2tsp). Ate some dill flavored potato chips. Waited 30minutes before temp check to avoid hot tea temperature being transferred to thermometer.

An excellent sign if my body temp stabilizes and my symptoms continue to subside. Currently: sore throat, dry cough, light muscle aches, light fog. Very optimistic.


Well, I drank some Tropicana Orange Juice, ate two bowls of homemade Chicken Soup with rice and potatoes. Ate some chocolate Dairy Queen for my sore throat and rested for quite a bit. Many thanks to my well wishers, coworkers, family and friends who worry about me.

Here’s the final data from the night :

Notice how it slowly creeping up as time progresses?
This actually shows a pulse ox rate of 90. I had to recheck it to be sure, and it’s true, my rate is 90-92 right now.

Symptoms: sore/dry throat. Cough (sometimes dry, sometimes mucus). Light muscle aches, light dizzy feeling, slight pain in my right temple and right jugular area and very light pain in right chest area. Light arthritis feeling still in hands/joints. Slight burning in eyes.

I am pretty sure that I am going to my doctor tomorrow to get another test as a precaution. Oh and now I can hear my sister has a similar dry cough and rumor has it my cousin who ate with us at Christmas is sick/feeling sick.

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