Covid novid.

So I got the results of my Covid-19 test. It came back negative. It came back negative also for Flu, and Strep throat. Soo, wtf?

I still have a fever, cold sweats, dry cough, sore throat and muscle aches. My sister thinks it might be pneumonia or a bad cold. I’m inclined to believe that it’s a false test reading. I have almost no chest congestion to make it pneumonia, no rattle, almost nothing. Then again, I’m not a medical doctor.

Then again, it’s the medical industry that created these tests and diagnoses and yet can’t tell me what I have?! So what was the point? Billable services and make work. Now I have to wait for advice from work on when I can return.

Updated: 2:46PM

I call my PCP to ask them for advice and to see if it could be something else, based on the information I provided. They think the Covid-19 test might have been done too early and thus, if I have it the test might show negative because the viral load is too small to be detected.

I am told to rest, self-quarantine, monitor symptoms and if by Wednesday the issue isn’t clearing up or improving to call back and they will schedule another test. Understandable but incredibly frustrating. I want to return to work. I can’t work from home and that bothers me.

Latest temp check. Obviously something is going on. WTF?! Recuperate dang it!

Update: 5:55PM

Still in fever mode.

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