Covid 19 self quarantine

So a few days ago I started developing symptoms of either a viral or bacterial infection. At first I didn’t know what it might be, as I work in a dusty place and take pretty good precautions and try my best to not get sick. Lo and behold, the symptoms worsened increased until the following were experienced, and still being felt in in varying fashion:

Fever (maxed out at 102°F),  chills, body aches, diarheaa something akin to arthritis (in the hands especially) and joint pain, combination of dry sore throat and a runny nose with a dry cough. I felt labored breathing when walking my dogs and walking upstairs as well as a small amount of chest pain on my right side. My brain felt like it had a small fog and I felt exhausted no matter how long I rested.

Now, not to freak anyone out, I am used to some of these symptoms and usually discount them as something else. Case in point: I have asthma and minor emphysema, so being winded is something I ignore. The same thing goes with a dry or wet cough, as I tend to cough regularly from dust, animal hair, crappy lungs. The diarrhea I wanted to toss us to eating tortilla chips and my home made hot salsas ignore the chest pain entirely (I’m a little fat and a simple poor sleep position could cause it as well as my bad diet).

The problem for me is in the convergence of all of these symptoms at once. Certainly it’s a possibility, but nothing I did or could do would have caused a fever, chills, cold sweats, a headache, arthritis and joint pain, etc. That gave me pause and a reason for concern.

Me at urgent care waiting to see a doctor on a tablet.

So today I  went to urgent care and got a Covid-19 test. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a single rapid response test available, so now I must self quarantine until the results are back and I have more information. My sister naturally freaked out, and wants me confined to quarters, which if you ever saw them, is smaller than most prison cells.

On the plus side, I was tested for strep throat and it came back negative.  Personally I don’t think its Coronavirus, it’s probably a flu or some fast acting virus that I caught from someone who visited (and I was the one trying to avoid seeing anyone as a precaution). If it’s not that, then who knows what the test would reveal.

Well it’s still better than last night’s highpoint.
After taking about 800mg of Ibuprofen to bring my fever down to something manageable

In the meantime, I  told my boss and he talked to his boss. Everyone is ok with me self quarantining until results come back, or regardless of Coronavirus, I recuperate and have no more symptoms (I concede that I don’t want to spread anything that makes people feel this shitty willingly)

Anytime I walk around my house I put my mask on and drench my arms in sanitizer. I avoid touching anything. When I use the bathroom or do touch a common surface, I spray isopropyl alcohol onto it to help prevent any contamination. It sucks but being meticulous will minimize the chances of others in my family getting sick.

Portable isopropyl alcohol sprayer.

That’s all I have to report, its interesting to study the symptoms while I have whatever this is and post it for posterity. It’s a shame I didn’t do it sooner, as the days might prove useful.

Things I am taking to minimize viral issues: echinacea, Linden, calendula, birch bark, zinc, vitamin d, honey, garlic, onions, hot sauces, tonic water (with quinine)

In addition to those, I generally take: a daily vitamin, Bronkaid, resveratrol, NMN, and plenty of fruits, vegetables and fluids.

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