WTF?! More Updates??!!

I write this short rant today specifically to complain about the state of our computer software and the worthlessness of our IT industry.

I’m looking at you software developers. You evil, lazy jerks who force the world to accept subpar programs released before the code is finished. You and your evil corporate bosses must be punished for the headache and wasted CPU resources and network bandwidth that you have stolen from the unwitting consumer.

Why? Why would I write this and be so mean and callous you ask?! Because of the modern practice of rolling out service packs and updates to your crappy software on what feels like a weekly basis now! Why couldn’t you just write code that works and release it, or release updates once a year to spare us all the burden and hassle of assisting you in fixing the crapware that you sold us?!

It feels like everytime I boot my laptop I have to update it. Why? What the heck changed to my RealFakeTek Audio sound that was so dramatic as to need an update? They’re the same freaking internal speakers, how much pretend updates do you need to do to maintain your jobs or justify yourselves a raise? Or you MicroShitz, with your Winblows OS, you send me continuous updates for your multi gigabyte OS. They’re not even small tweaks..they’re like 500MB updates?! What the hell did you botch soo badly as to require half a GIG of data to fix? We have complete, modern versions of Linux that don’t even use that much data.

I blame the outsourcing of our IT industry to the third world for this problem. Hire people at piss poor wages in piss poor nations and you get piss poor work that requires more people to repair and maintain it. I don’t have a problem with those nations or the people, but I do have a major issue with the companies that engage in this type of shoddy work and end up slowing my carefully honed machine.

So software industry, take some damn pride in what you code and release into the world. Stop wasting my time, robbing me of my PCs performance and internet bandwidth to fix your mistakes. Write and throughly test your code, make it tight and compact so as to not waste my system resources. When you have to update, which ideally it shouldn’t happen except under rare times, make it a once a year thing, max.

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