2020, a retrospective

As with all bloggers, the year end cycle usually has us writing a look back post followed by a year ahead post. I am not so different and wanted to write for my own sake what changed over the last 12 or so months.

Well at the beginning of 2020 I just started working a temp job. I was doing paralegal work but the market in Philadelphia sucks for that industry. Too many lawyers and too few well paying clients (but plenty of low level crimes and criminals) means that the majority of lawyers here do their own paralegal work or work as paralegals to make ends meet. It is a shitshow. So anyway, being low on funds and needing to make ends meet, I got a temp job in a warehouse.

Less than a month after the job started, my car died. Like dead dead, not a repair worth making or being able to identify. One day I turned her off in the driveway, the next day she never turned over and worked. That quickly. No matter what I tried, the old gal just wouldn’t wake up. Off to the junk heap she went.

So I had to find a car and quickly, which I managed to do with the help of Hertz Used Cars. I give them props for their work and assistance. Without it, I would have been unable to continue my temp job and all that transpired since.

While working at that temp job, I was promoted and given a new department with plenty of opportunity to learn more about the parent company and their computer systems. I got to meet many more people and get a feel for logistics.

My temp company also gave me the chance go finish my college degree for free. I transferred my credits, enrolled and have been working towards my BA in Business Administration/Analytics. About a year to go and I’ll be finished.

The parent company has offered me full time permanent employment with benefits for next year. It’s something to consider and calculate what my worth it.

For the last year I’ve also been saving money and paying down debt. I now have much better credit and a cushion for emergencies along with a small downpayment for a house.

That’s not a bad list of things done in a year. Mind you it’s not all good news. I gained about 30lbs from eating too much fast food. That’ll have to be dealt with in 2021.

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