The other day I was goofing around on the internet and saw a wonderful movie trivia piece about the movie The Terminator.

According to the website, there is a scene in the movie showing so called ‘Terminator-vison’and inside this vision is a bit of computer code from our beloved 6502 family of microprocessors! Granted it’s not a functional piece of code written for an actual Terminator, but it did get me thinking for a few hours about the possibility of building a Terminator using the 6502 as the brain or brains of the design.

Personally, I think it’s possible, providedyou use many processors in a decentralized environment, each specializing in certain tasks and processes: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. Left hand, right hand, and so on. Each chip would be on a body network and capable of talking to each other and governed by an AI chip/chips in the brain that would give purpose to the specialized body chips in completing overall tasks.

For example: the AI command would want to pick up a cup. So it sends the message to start this routine into the arm, hand, and eyes chipsets. Those chips would communicate with each other on reaching out, grabbing the cup and depth view. When the commands are complete, it would send back information that it was done. Only when all the chips confirm the task is done would the AI command go to the next step in its’ own decisionmaking process. The eyes and hands would need to agree that the cup is indeed being held via a visual and pressure sensor confirmation.

I think this is the best method of building a AI Terminator as it could be programmed to allow the individual sub chips the ability to update their own code based on learning how to interact on the network as a team. This would act like a muscle memory feature. The main AI resources would then be better tasked with higher functioning and leave the lesser tasks on autopilot much like our own central nervous system. Checks would be performed automatically and only if there was an issue beyond some threshold would the main AI be alerted.

This was just my initial 2 cents.

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