Merry Christmas to all on this fine day!

Yesterday it was raining very heavily, and had it been colder, there would have been a lot more snow and a white Christmas could have been in the works. Alas it was not in the cards and the little bit of snow we had from earlier was washed away, leaving a warmer wetter holiday.

None of that matters though, as the holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends celebrating the good in life and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s birthday.

Too much of this holiday is focused on the commercial and nonreligious aspects of the festivities. A good change of course for our nation was that Covid 19 caused so much damage to our sense of safety (complacency?) that we are starting to reevaluate our actions and national purpose.

For tonight, no quibbles or political problems, nor financial should bother you. Focus instead on the good things in life and simply being together. Remember that there is little point in social distancing if you don’t spend quality time with your loved ones. Ask yourself: ‘Is it worth social distancing just to live another year if it means not being able to hug and kiss the ones you love?’ Life is short and full of risk, death is inevitable.

So spend time with each other. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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