Let it snow, let it snow…

Yesterday marked the first snow for the area, and as many are already locked in their homes, unemployed or just staying home, I had the fun of going to work and enjoying the fruits of mother nature.

I left for work when the snow started falling. It was beautiful and picturesque. Several hours later it came down heavier, windier, and wetter. Soon my car and the roads were covered in about five inches of the white stuff.

Yet precipitation kept coming. Wetter and slightly warmer, a mix of sleet, rain, and hail fell on top of the city. It fell so hard my company allowed the employees to leave early without penalty.

I wanted to stay, but within a few minutes the rest of my department called it quits and left. Even my supervisor chose to leave early (in his defense, he came to work early). I was the last holdout, and I also chose to leave. There was little purpose in staying: if there was an accident, it would have been a long time before anyone might find me. If I needed clarification on an issue, there was no one to talk to for a resolution.

And so I drove home after a lengthy period of warming up the car and cleaning it. I come in and sleep. When I wake up, my car, one again is covered, this time in an icy cocoon. And I have to return to work.

Ahh winter is here.

The car, now nicknamed the snowball.

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