The Eyes Have It…

I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup recently. This age of Covid freakouts and mandatory masks has me a bit befuddled:

Where are all the commercials selling eye, hair and nail makeup?

Let’s think about this: a cute girl sees a guy she likes at work, or a store, or in a breadline (it is depression level economic issues), and wants to flirt with him. Her usual show of attraction: the lips and smiles and her rosy cheeks and slender neck are likely to be blocked in some way by a mask.

So she’s left with her eyes, hair, and nails. The eyes in particular are a wonderful tool to flirt with, and many an Arab prince has fallen for the charms of a hijab wearing lady or lost his inheritance to the feminine whiles of belly dancers in hookah bars.

One would expect more commercials trying to sell visible makeup to people that corresponds this problem in the age of Covid, but I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe they are hoping it blows over and they can sell the rest as normal.

Personally, I see it as a missed business opportunity for the makeup industry or enterprising startup.

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